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How we do it | Occupational health and safety


Labor Risk Prevention

The preservation and control of occupational risks is one of the principles of B-Biosca. Consequently, B-Biosca, declares and assumes the following commitments and principles of safety and health in the workplace:

Occupational health and safety commitments

  • To develop our activities in such a way that they contribute positively to the health and safety behavior in the workplace associated with processes, facilities and services, paying special attention to the protection of the health and safety of the environment, of the workers, of our clients and of the public in general.
  • Selection on the basis of health and safety at work of products, technologies, tools and machinery
  • Promote a good working environment.
  • Safety and Health at Work Program.
  • Management Policy of Safety and Health at Work of the company’s management.
  • Risk prevention and control.

Management with occupational health and safety criteria 

Incorporation of occupational health and safety criteria in general management of the business, whenever possible incorporate occupational health and safety criteria into  applicable processes and requirements. Occupational safety and health criteria in the relationship with contractors. Communicate to the contractors, with whom we work, the occupational safety and health procedures and requirements.

Technology selection

Machinery plays a pivotal role in our company, both as a working tool and as a mediator between man and the environment. Thus, all the vehicles, machines and trucks that we acquire must carry a certificate from the supplier with the characteristics of the vehicle where the appropriate safety conditions are shown.

Principles of occupational safety and health

Improve risk prevention and control. We make a continuous effort to identify, characterize and improve the prevention and control of the risks derived from our activities, facilities, processes and services and to ensure that they are used effectively and efficiently.

Constant adaptation to applicable regulations

Comply with the occupational safety and health legislation applicable to the different facilities and operations of B-Biosca. To take into account international standards and legislative trends in the planning of actions that may have associated risks, especially in those areas where there is no applicable legislation.

Continuous improvement

We strive for a continuous improvement through the systematic and periodic evaluation of our health and safety at work system, for which audits will be considered a basic tool.

Prevention of health damage and assessment of potential risks

We apply the basic principle of safety and health at work from the planning and evaluation of decisions on projects, where it may be required by regulations.

Collaboration in occupational health and safety

Collaborate when required by the different administrations and public or private entities in the search for solutions to problems of safety and health at work posed by the exercise of our activity.

Communication and information on occupational health and safety

To promote communication on health and safety at work, both internally and externally, with a  criteria of transparency. To inform the public about the objectives achieved and the work in progress, relating to the control and prevention of risks.

Training in safety and health at work

Promote training in safety and health at work for those people involved in the management and operation at B-Biosca facilities.

Quality certifications


9001-2015 IQNET

9001-2015 AENOR

14001-2015 IQNET

14001-2015 AENOR

45001-2018 IQNET

45001-2018 AENOR