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About us

B-Biosca was born in the early 60’s, a family business founded by Manel Biosca Narciso and Lourdes Bell-lloch Pedrol, whose main activity was the transport of aggregates and building materials. Over time, the business expanded its services to excavations, demolition and land preparation, and in 1991 we became a limited company under the name of B-BIOSCA SL.

We specialize in demolition and demolition of buildings and other modern constructions made of concrete and iron, as well as in public works: renovation and sanitation of sewage and drinking water networks, urbanization, maintenance and construction of landfills.

Today, B-Biosca continues to offer a wide range of specialized services for construction.

Our experience is the added value that allows us to offer the services with the maximum quality and always adapting to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Mission Statement

We want to be a reference for all our stakeholders by offering a comprehensive service of advice, execution and control in all our activities and by ensuring innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability. We believe in equal opportunities, we are a diverse and cohesive team of professionals with a clear focus on the needs of our customers and a firm commitment to our values.

Vision Statement

We want to respond to the need for sustainable development by providing our specialized infrastructure services focused on the full satisfaction of our customers and the welfare of current and future generations.


  • Experience and professionalism
  • Teamwork

  • Quality

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment to all our stakeholders

  • Service Vocation

  • Continuous improvement

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle (384 a.C. – 322 a.C.)

Greek philosopher and scientist


B-Biosca is a team of 49 people with a common denominator, to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers. In each project our team makes a comprehensive monitoring both before and after the execution of the work or service to ensure the best outcome.

We have a public works engineer, two architects, a team of technicians in different specialties as well as trucks and rotary backhoeing machinery.

Integrated Management System

Our company policy is aimed at continuous improvement, based on the principles of total quality: accessibility, attention, friendliness, seriousness, reliability, professionalism and training as a fundamental tool in this evolution. Quality, the environment, health and safety at work and people have always been the corner stone of our actions.

Since 1999 we have had an integrated management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 quality, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standards. By complying with the requirements of these standards we ensure that the services we offer are of high quality and are always carried out with respect for the environment and the health and safety of our workers.