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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility management involves integrating economic, environmental and social aspects into the company’s business strategy and developing them through an integrated environmental quality and occupational health and safety management system, based on compliance with the UNE-eN-ISO 19001, UNE-eN-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

At B-Biosca we are very committed to CSR and we are committed to quality, the environment, health and safety at work, the human team, contractors and subcontracted companies and the community, ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with applicable regulations in our facilities, works and services.

Report 2018

Company Background

In 2010 we participated in a pilot plan of the RSE.PIME program promoted by the Department of Labor of the Government of Catalonia in collaboration with the General Council of Chambers of Catalonia. This plan aimed to implement Corporate Social Responsibility in small and medium-sized Catalan companies and to promote a new business culture that would improve management.

Through an external tutoring we make a diagnosis of aspects related to the economic, social and environmental fields, and we elaborate an improvement plan.

Within this framework, some of the actions carried out were the integration of this commitment into our company policy, a definition of our three-year business Strategic Plan, the development of a central control and monitoring system for social responsibility indicators; the incorporation of a company code of ethics which incorporates human rights and the drafting of the sustainability report.

It was therefore a gradual and progressive application to all parties and stakeholders surrounding our organization: the team, customers, suppliers, community … directing all parties and the role of the company in the economic, social and environmental towards sustainability and with an approach compatible with other management tools of innovation or excellence to report and return results in our immediate environment.

Equal Opportunities

B-Biosca’s commitment to equal opportunities is evident in the integrated management system policy and our Code of Ethics, which establish measures to ensure that all people can be promoted within the company regardless of their gender. As stated in the Code of Ethics, all the organization’s personnel are committed to offering and ensuring equal opportunities in all aspects of work and for all people.

Recruitment policies ensure an equal selection process without regard to gender, religion, disability, etc. In the procedures manual of the company’s processes and job descriptions, no differentiation or discrimination on the basis of sex is made.

As far as training is concerned, it is planned without any kind of distinction or exclusion, only taking into account the training needs detected, thus giving the opportunity for continuous training to all personnel for their correct professional development.

Quality Certifications


9001-2015 IQNET

9001-2015 AENOR

14001-2015 IQNET

14001-2015 AENOR

45001-2018 IQNET

45001-2018 AENOR