There are different demolition systems and methods. The process of demolition has experienced changes and development throughout the years with the introduction of new materials, machinery and equipment. Our company has been constantly evolving and updating our techniques and materials.

There are two fundamental demolition methods, the manual methods and the automatic methods. Frequently, these methods are combined within one project. Generally we start the demolition using manual methods to complete it using automatic methods.
Manual Methods

Manual methods are the oldest and the most traditional methods and they are mainly used in urban areas. They allowed for a better control and for the recovery of most materials, which are later reused and recycled.

Using manual and small machine tools we demolish small construction blocks avoiding big rubble as a result of our demolitions.
Automatic Methods

Among the most commonly used automatic methods for demolition we can enumerate the following:

Demolition using Grapples and Shears
Demolition by Deliberate Collapse
Demolition by Explosives
Demolition with Crane and Ball
Thermic Drilling Demolition.