“In the race for quality there is no finish line.”
David T. Kearns (1930-2011)
American Businessman and Politician

Quality Management Policy

Since one of our main business principles is meeting our customer’s needs and requirements while providing excellent services, B-Biosca states and adopts the following quality principles and commitments:

Quality Commitments
  1. To carry out its activities in a manner that contributes positively to the Quality Policy which regulates all our processes, premises and services.
  2. Selection of suppliers based on quality products, technology, machinery and tools.
  3. To foster a good team spirit and working environment.
  4. Quality Programme.
  5. Quality Management Policy of the General Management.
  6. Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement.
Quality Principles

Quality Improvement. We are committed to making a continued effort to identify and improve the quality of the development and implementation of our activities, our premises, our processes and our services in order to use them efficiently.

Constant Adaptation to Applicable Regulations

To comply with quality regulation applicable to our premises and activities.
Take into account international regulations and the legislative tendency about Quality Management when planning  a process in which a quality loss can occur, especially in those areas that are not regulated.

Quality Loss Prevention and Evaluation of Potential Risks

We apply the basic principle of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement on the planning and the evaluation of decisions in our projects, when required.

Collaboration in Quality Issues

Cooperate when required by the public administration sector or any public or private institutions in the search for solutions to quality problems that arise during our activities.

Quality Criteria Management

Introduction of Quality Criteria in our management, and in our processes and applicable requirements.

Quality Criteria with our contractors.  Inform all our contractors of all the quality procedures and requirements applicable to them.

Communication and Information about Quality

To favour external and internal communication about quality, with transparency. To inform publicly about accomplished goals and current projects related to quality control.

Quality Training

To promote quality training among our staff members who are in charge of the management and operation of facilities.

Continuous Improvement

To strive towards continuous improvement by systematically and periodically evaluating  our Quality Management System   using audits as a basic tool.