Social Responsibility Management implies the integration of economic, environmental and social aspects into our company’s business strategy to develop them using an integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work Management System based on compliance with UNE-EN–ISO 19001, UNE-EN–ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards.

Our company is committed to quality, environment, safety and health at work, our staff, our contractors and subcontractors and our community, ensuring continuous improvement and the compliance with applicable regulations to our premises, construction works and services.

Our history

igualtat1B-Biosca S.L. participated in the RSE. PMI programme promoted by the Department of Labour from Generalitat de Catalunya in collaboration with Consejo General de Cámaras de Cataluña, whose goals are the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibililty on small and medium-sized Catalan businesses and the promotion of a new entrepreneurial culture to improve their management.

It is a pilot programme to foster a new entrepreneurial culture. Thirty small and medium-sized businesses are participating in it.

During that period the participating companies were guided through all the different phases of the process, which started with the diagnosis of aspects related to economic, social and environmental areas to elaborate a plan for their improvement.

In this context, our company took the following actions: integration of this commitment in our company’s policy, definition of our 3-year Strategic Plan, development of a central system to control and monitor  all corporate social responsibility indicators, creation of an ethical code including human rights. We are currently in the process of drawing up our sixth Sustainability Report.

This is a gradual and progressive process that is going to be applied over all the different parts of our company and the interest’s groups around it: our staff, customers, suppliers, community, … directing all the parts and the role of our company in the economic, social and environmental areas towards sustainability along with an approach that was compatible with other innovation or excellence management tools to provide results in our immediate environment.